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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Currently reading...

Have you ever binged on one author? I’m sure you have.

For the past few months I’ve been reading books by Ian McEwan – Amsterdam, The Comfort of Strangers, Saturday (just released), and now I’m deep into The Child in Time. McEwan faces fairly average middle-class people with an extreme, yet realistic, usually violent, event (but without any graphic depiction of violence which, I think, makes it more troubling).

The Child in Time deals with the aftermath of a parent’s worst fear – the inexplicable abduction of a young child. McEwan likes to “weave” (during a recent interview about Saturday, he used the word “weave” and its variants about ten times!) subplots through his books and in this book he deals with the loss of childhood in several dimensions of the characters’ lives. So far, I’m finding it to be a disturbing and beautiful novel.

Paul Gottschalk


Blogger T said...

I love Ian McEwan. Have you noticed, though, how his books seem to fall into two different camps: twisted stories, often of slightly deviant sexual misbehavior (The Comfort of Strangers, Amsterdam, Cement Garden) or really touching stories of innocent or naive people (Atonement -- one of my all-time favorite books, the Innocent, Enduring Love)? I've only read a small sampling. Instead of binging, I'm saving them up for treating myself.

I'm enjoying reading about what other people are reading -- there seems to be a lot of overlap with my reading habits/tastes. In sad news, I usually dislike historical fiction. Okay, I usually really hate it. But Ed's descriptions were compelling, and I'll keep an open mind once we select a book.

11:57 AM  
Blogger T said...

Yeah, sorry, I meant to sign off. The "t" in the comments stands for Tracy. My other blogger id is all faux-anonymous and incognito.

12:00 PM  
Blogger RWR said...

I don't know that I'll nominate a historical novel as a quarterly "Reader's Choice" nomination, Tracy -- I know it's considered a bit of a specialist taste for many (i.e., only nerds like me really like it!). I do read other stuff and will post on it whenever I do.

Would anyone care to comment on Atonement? Carol bought a copy awhile back because it interested her, but neither of us have read it yet -- or any other McEwan, for that matter. Trying to decide if I want to make time for it this summer.

And Paul, "binge reading" a single author is not something I've attempted yet -- sounds wild. Aren't you afraid of getting author poisoning?


12:12 PM  
Blogger T said...

OMG Atonement is like totally the bestest book ever. I read it in like one sitting b/c I couldn't put it down. It totally deserved the Booker. I'll leave my 14-year old girl excitement behind and let someone more serious comment on it, but I liked it a lot.

12:22 PM  
Blogger RWR said...

Well, I said I've never read a McEwan book, but I have seen a film based on a McEwan book -- the deliciously creepy The Comfort of Strangers (1991). Great cast, including Rupert Evert, Natasha Richardson, Christopher Walken, and Helen Mirren. Set in Venice, quite powerful and disturbing.

I didn't realize McEwan had written the novel that the movie was based on until I saw the title in Paul's post!

And okay, Tracy, I'm, like, going to read Atonement because you said it was, like, the best book ever.


1:00 PM  

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