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Friday, May 20, 2005

Don't you hate it when ...

... you're all ready to read a certain book, and only the movie tie-in version is available?

Now that I've nearly finished Margeurite Yourcenar's amazing fictional autobiography Memoirs of Hadrian, I'm jonesing for some more ancient history and figured Robin Lane Fox's acclaimed biography of Alexander The Great was just the ticket.

Then I remembered Oliver Stone's Alexander movie had come out recently. Crap! Sure enough, instead of a dignified ancient mosaic or Greek statue tastefully gracing the cover, it's Colin Farrell looking like -- well, a movie star dressed in fake armor, grimacing in garish Technicolor. And it's the only version of Fox's book currently in print. The local library has an older copy, but it's currently checked out ... and I need an ancient history fix real bad.

I really want to read the book, and I know the cover is only the wrapping for the real meat of the matter ... but it just seems so gauche, somehow. I can't believe I'm really wrestling with this, but I am. I'll probably break down at lunch and go buy it, then always make sure I lay the book cover side down ... ugh.

If iceberg lettuce is the polyester of greens, to quote John Waters, then movie tie-ins are the polyester of books.


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