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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Housekeeping: Editing/Deleting Posts

Paul G. posted a perfectly sensible argument today for allowing books of over 300 pages to be nominated for the quarterly "Reader's Choice," the first of which we'll nominate next week. Personally I hope we can keep as close to 300 pages as we can, but if you have a truly great 340-page book that you feel just can't be missed, I don't see why it couldn't be at least nominated, with the page count included as part of the nomination info. So, good for Paul for opening my eyes a bit. (Of course, if you're just posting book suggestions/reviews outside of the quarterly nomination, as I did below, the length of the book matters not a whit.)

Paul also informed me he deleted his post with the good intention of trying to keep the blog a bit cleaner. Of course, I'm not helping his cause with more housekeeping posts like this, but there will be less of these as time goes on.

I just wanted to point out something regarding editing/deleting posts: I will never, ever edit or delete another person's post, unless the post is obviously a hostile hijacking or a troll. I can't imagine we'll have any such problems with this group. If you want to edit or delete your own posts, that's entirely up to you.

Carry on, fleet readers!

-- Ed Brickell


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