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Saturday, May 14, 2005

New Guy Rambling

Greetings to all...Such a highbrow group! I am amazed, impressed, intimidated...don't really want to admit my favorite books are old, common titles like "Dune" by Frank Herbert or "The Godfather" and "Fool's Die" by Mario Puzo! Tom Wolfe's latest effort "I Am Charolette Simmons" was quite enjoyable, but I also enjoyed "A Man In Full" which, apparantly from the discount racks, nobody else did. I did just finish reading a series of historical novels on the Civil War by Shaara-- "Gods and Generals" and "The Killer Angels." Not usually a fan of the historical novel, these works really helped retell the history and put things into a different perspective that I didn't have before. The group should open a world of options, and I appreciate Ed's efforts!

I'm rambling. I'll quit. I'm happy to be aboard!



Blogger Ed said...

Welcome Dave! The Killer Angels is one of my favorites; I re-read it periodically.

2:24 PM  
Blogger RWR said...

Welcome Rambling Dave.

I've felt a bit of intimidation too. Ed, Nels, and Paula read so much and write so well, my inferiority complex kicks in, but they're darn nice folks I trust.

Paul Gottschalk

2:37 PM  
Blogger RWR said...

Hey Dave D.,

I'm scared outta my mind by these people. They've forgotten more than I've ever read. That's why I'm here.


3:50 PM  

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