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Friday, May 13, 2005


Not for nothing, here's some of the stuff that's on my running to be read list:

Jim Crace, Quarantine and Being Dead
John Nichols, Sterile Cuckoo
Volume Two of the Hunter Thompson letters
W. Corbett, ed., Just the Thing: Selected Letters of James Schuyler
Stephen Amidon, Human Capital
Peter Turchi, Maps of the Imagination
Jean Phillipe Toussaint, Television
Francine Prose, A Changed Man


Blogger RWR said...

Huter S Thompson--RIP--did a great work on the Hell's Angels that danced around the violence and counter-culture of the era while still bringing us into his world. His dual life in this book (being with the group but not in the group; living the group life but never accepted; wanting to belong but riding a BMW bike) shows up later in his non-author life, making me wonder how much writing a report vs an autobiograpy he was doing. Either way, a talented man...and a fine list! Impressive!


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