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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Happy B-Day Ernie

Ernest Hemingway's birthday is today. Frankly, although I think I at least generally understand the reasons for his importance, I personally haven't ever felt compelled to spend a lot of time with most of what he wrote -- although one of my favorite books is undoubtedly A Moveable Feast, his short, sweet memoir of life as a starving writer in Paris during the 1920s. There is a passage from that book where he describes being very hungry and eating a meal of beer and potatatoes in a Paris cafe, a passage so vivid and delicious in its simple description that reading it always makes me want to immediately drink a cold beer and eat a few potatoes myself.

"The way to start writing fiction is to sit down and write the truest sentence you know," someone (I forget who) advised Hemingway during his time in Paris, and at his very best he always did just that. At his very best, it was more than enough. Happy birthday, and pass the beer and potatoes.


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