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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Finding The Unbinding?

Have any of you been reading the new novel, being published serially at, by Walter Kirn, The Unbinding? I just started reading it today, and wonder what any of you might think of it. And, if you are familiar with Walter Kirn, how does this compare to anything else he has written? And, if you have an opinion on internet-based publishing like this, what do you think.


Blogger Ed said...

I haven't read it, but will try.

I certainly don't have a problem with authors publishing in whatever format they choose. I just don't like reading entire chapters of something online -- I stare at a screen quite enough during the day already, and prefer the physical feel and intimacy of a book when reading for pleasure. Call me a Luddite, I guess. Or old, because my eyes really can't take the online pounding anymore. Better yet, just call me an old Luddite; that pretty much covers all the bases ...

12:37 PM  
Blogger Nels Nelson said...

Well, it's not just a "read-only" text-on-screen novel. It's published with links and so forth in the text, and is being written, according to the site in real time.

1:38 PM  
Blogger Ed said...

I read the introduction. Funny how introductions introduce things, isn't it? Now I understand: this is a true Internet novel, making use of the Internet's unique capabilities to create something that can't be created otherwise -- no?

I'll try it, but I'm a bit skeptical about Slate's claim of the general public's "increasing comfort with online reading" ... personally I still don't like reading novels (or even short stories) online. Carol and I both toil heavily on PCs during the day, and the thought of relaxing with a PC screen is not something I can really get into.

I'm waiting for the day we can hold a "computer book" in our hand that's the approximate size and thickness of one of those "magic slate" kid's toys -- a more intimate, book-like way of dealing with fiction of this type. The possibilities for narrative and plotting hi-jinks are pretty much endless, I figure ... could open some things up.

Here's an online graphic novella, a sort of whimsical superhero story, that makes good use of the page-stretching capabilities of the Internet:

2:01 PM  

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